new RO Design software

The new software, called TORAY DS, is for RO System Design.

After download and installation of TORAY DS Software you will realize multiple benefits including:

  • Complete design process and all key parameters easily controlled from a single main screen.
  • Design process and display style match the needs of equipment manufacturers.
  • Graphical and text-based performance projection output, including trendlines for performance versus time and temperature.
  • Text output in a multitude of languages, and multiple views for detailed performance tracking.
  • “Teach Mode” for short learning curve and quick production of required results.
  • Built-in system design guidelines.
  • Multitude of pre-treatment options, also for second RO pass.
  • Special, intuitive design screen for complex multipass systems and permeate blending options.

What’s new in DS2

  • DS2 is really multi-lingual and allows input and output in many different languages including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, and Russian as well as European languages.
  • DS2 allows direct export of each calculation run to Excel as well as automatic variations in temperature and age exported to Excel.
  • “Teach Mode” in DS1 is now replaced by many “Templates” in DS2 for a short learning curve and quick production of required results.
  • DS2 uses SQL database technology to store and organize projects. Project database can be easily shared over a network.
  • DS2 has option for Pitzer based osmotic pressure calculations as a development tool.
  • For most single stage projects and many two stage projects try the “auto-calculation” feature. The program recalculates automatically as you make changes.
  • DS2 can import your older DS1 project files.
  • Easily viewable “Quick View Report” is functioned instead of “Short Report”.

Download new TorayDS2 or familiar TorayDS

Please also consult the enclosed Quick Start Guide when downloading and installing DS2!

Version: TorayDS2

  • Release: December 6th, 2022
  • Running on Win7, Win8.1, Win10 and Vista systems
  • Size: up to 55MB, For full install and updates
  • NOTES: By inputting the maximum and minimum operating temperatures to which the system will be exposed, irreversible flux loss will be reflected to the projection result in this version.
Download Software

Version: 1.1.87_2572 TorayDS

  • Release: Nov. 15th, 2011
  • Running on Win7, Vista and XP systems
  • Size: up to 7MB
Download Software

TorayDS2 Installation Instructions

  1. First - for update installations back up your database using the steps shown on the Database tab. TorayDS2 installation files are provided in a compressed file format. Use Winzip or other program to extract the files to a temporary location. Be sure that the directory structure is preserved as some Microsoft supplied files are included in the sub directory to access the database. The files in the zip file should have: setup.exe, TorayDS2.msi, DS2 Readme.pdf, and SSCERuntime-ENU-x64.msi, SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi.
  2. For new installations, run the file called Setup.exe. This will first check to be sure you have the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition software on your machine. For update applications you may use the TorayDS2.msi file alone.
  3. The installer will ask where to install the files. It is very important that the files be installed in a directory or folder over which you have read/write access. The default is Documents\TorayDS2.
  4. For update installations, please install the software into the same directory / folder where the current TorayDS2 is installed. This eliminates duplicate installations and may help prevent the accumulated projection from being overwritten. It also allows the Membrane Database to be updated.