Water-Themed Online Seminar for Japanese Primary School Students in Singapore

Sep. 17, 2021

Toray Asia Pte. Ltd. (TAS)
/Toray International Singapore Pte. Ltd. (TISP)

On August 22, 2021, Ms. Shiho Toshima, in charge of technical support for water treatment membranes at TISP/TAS, held a seminar regarding water and water treatment as part of the contents of the Terakoya @Singapore Summer 2021[1], an online event held in Singapore (hosted by Terakoya @Singapore Summer 2021 and NPO Asia-Pacific ABA Consortium; sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Singapore).


In the seminar, Ms. Toshima spoke for about an hour responding to simple questions from the participants regarding water such as “Where does tap water come from?” and “How do you clean water?” by incorporating the differences in the water situation between Japan and Singapore, introduction of the four water resources of Singapore, and filtration experiment using hollow fiber membrane. “Although it was held online, the children actively asked questions and I was happy that they took a fresh interest towards water, which is usually taken for granted,” said Ms. Toshima.


If you grow up in Japan, which has abundant water, you may not feel how valuable water is very often. We hope that the lecture became an opportunity for the children to realize that water is a limited and valuable resource and start paying attention to water and various other environmental issues.       

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[1] Terakoya@Singapore Summer 2021: Planned by Japanese volunteers living in Singapore who are engaged in medical care, nursing, and education, it was an event filled with various activities, seminars, and workshops offered by businesses, organizations, and individuals who agreed with the purpose of making summer fun and more enjoyable for Japanese children and adults, who could not visit Japan during summer vacation due to COVID-19. Terakoya is a Japanese word meaning a place to learn.