New General Manager of Global Environment Research Laboratories

May 1, 2021

 Toray Industries, Inc.                                 
Global Environment Research Laboratory

Toray Industries, Inc. has appointed Mr. Kozo Takahashi as the new General Manager of the Global Environment Research Laboratory.
Mr. Takahashi has joined Toray Industries, Inc. since 1992 and aggressively carried out Research and Development, and engaged in numerous new technologies and new products, while as the previous General Manager of the Research and Development Planning Department he has been leading various research from basic to applied as the center of the Toray Research Headquarters.
I am convinced that Toray Water Treatment Membrane with a history of over half century has become an important elemental technology to help address global environmental issues, and we make it our mission to deliver innovative technologies and advanced materials that provide real solutions to the challenges the world faces with balancing development and sustainability. In addition, with the research mission of "turning 0 into 1" in mind, we would like to take on the challenge of creating an innovative membrane.