New Product Manager of Toray Membrane USA, Inc.

Jun. 1, 2022

Toray Membrane USA, Inc. (TMUS)

Toray Membrane USA (TMUS) is excited to announce Ben Freeman has joined us as the new Product Manager for MBR and UF. Ben joined TMUS end of March 2022. He succeeds Sean Carter, who has moved into the Sales Director role at TMUS.
Ben Freeman brings over 15 years of experience in applications engineering, technical support, and product line development for UF and MBR in water treatment. Ben graduated in 2006 from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. Ben will be responsible for managing all aspects of TMUS’ UF and MBR product lines.


A Message from TMUS Product Manager for MBR and UF

I am thrilled to join an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team at TMUS. Thanks to the hard work of my predecessors and the unmatched quality of our products, Toray has firmly positioned itself as a UF and MBR market leader. I am privileged to continue that success and find ways to take these product lines to the next level. The opportunity for growth could not be any bigger, as the need for technologies that solve water scarcity issues and protect our environment increases daily. Along with the rest of TMUS, I am excited to be a critical part of the solution.