New Senior Vice President of Toray Membranes USA, Inc.

Jun. 1, 2022

Toray Membrane USA, Inc. (TMUS)


Toray Industries, Inc. has appointed Mr. Masanori Yamamoto as the new Senior Vice President of Toray Membranes USA, Inc. (TMUS), effective June 1, 2022. Mr. Yamamoto succeeds Dr. Shinichi Minegishi, who served as Sr. Vice President. Yamamoto joined Toray Industries 28 years ago (1994) as an engineer in the water treatment department. He was involved in the technology development of water treatment devices and facilities and the development and manufacturing of separation membranes used in water treatment applications. Due to his wide range of experience, he acquired many essential skills unique to Toray, particularly in relation to the company's production and quality control of separation membranes for water treatment. Mr. Yamamoto also served as the Business Director of the Filter Business Division at Toray Advanced Chemical Korea in 2014 before being appointed General Manager of Membrane Production at the Toray Ehime plant in 2018.
As Vice President of TMUS, Yamamoto will be responsible for business development to help Toray become a leading supplier and innovator of membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment and specialty separations.
Toray Membrane USA (TMUS) is pleased to have Mr. Yamamoto join the team in the United States and looks forward to utilizing his experience and knowledge in the water treatment industry. He will be located in Poway, CA.