New President of Toray Asia Pte. Ltd.

Oct. 1, 2022

Toray Asia Pte. Ltd.


Toray Industries, Inc. hereby announces the appointment of Tsutomu Ujiie as President of Toray Asia Pte. Ltd (TAS), effective October 1, 2022. He will succeed Kwak Soon Chul, who has served as President of TAS for 16 years since 2006, and will continue to support Toray's water treatment business as a strong advisor.

Mr. Ujiie joined Toray in 1992 and was engaged in sales and product development in the construction materials business before serving as the head of corporate planning and administration for Toray's affiliated companies in Japan from 2010. After being assigned to the Water Treatment & Environment Division at Toray's headquarters in 2017, he served as the general manager of the Business Planning and Administration Department, contributing to Toray's global business expansion in the water treatment and environmental business field.

"I joined Toray in 1992 wishing to work in the water treatment and environmental business, and my dream had finally come true after about 25 years since joining the company. I am honored to now have been given the mission to expand Toray's water treatment technology which is proven by more than 50 years of history since the beginning of its development. I am also very happy to be working with talented colleagues toward achieving the wonderful goal, to provide safe and reliable water to as many people as possible who are suffering from water shortages and water quality problems in South and Southeast Asia, the region where further economic development is expected, as well as in Australia," said Mr. Ujiie.

Mr. Ujiie is based in the TAS headquarters in Singapore.