Mar. 31, 2021


Toray Submerged UF Membrane Elements


The material of Toray's Hollow Fiber (HF) Submerged Ultrafiltration (UF) elements is PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride). This best grade HF membrane material provides high mechanical strength and chemical resistance (oxidation, pH).

PVDF hollow fiber membrane HSU
Nominal Pore Size or Nominal MWCO 150 kDa
(0.01 micron meter)
Special feature Low fouling layer

The filtration mode is an Outside – in Filtration which is suitable for high turbidity water treatment.


The possibility of the filtration of Ground Water, Surface Water, Sewage Secondary Effluent and Seawater allows a wide range of different applications:

  • ・Tertiary Treatment of Sewage Water
  • ・Industrial Water Production
  • ・Reuse of Industrial Waste Water

Why Submerged Type UF Membrane


This type of UF membrane is operated submerged in a tank with a low pressure suction pump applied to the filtrate to the filtrate side of the hollow fibers.

  • For High Turbidity Feed Water
    The submerged filtration method is suitable for the filtration of high turbidity water because of it's effective drainage and removal of sludge.
  • For Large-scale Water Treatment Plants
    No pressure casing, less piping and fewer valves can reduce construction costs, and the compact design of submerged systems minimizes footprint requirements.