Mar. 31, 2021


Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration. Biodegradable pollution such as BOD is reduced by activated sludge. Following biological treatment, treated water is separated from activated sludge by Toray's microfiltration membrane.

MEMBRAY® NHP Series Brochure

MEMBRAY® NHP Series Specifications


MBR Technology explained


Toray MBR  are PVDF flat sheet membranes with a PET non-woven support layer. The nominal pore size is 0.08 microns with a narrow pore size distribution. Toray membrane elements with a 0.7m2 membrane area are joined to our membrane module. These modules are composed of 300 and 600 membrane elements.


NHP Modules


Toray MBR modules consist of a membrane element, a cassette , a stainless steel element frame, a permeated water manifold and an aeration block.


Feature of new NHP Modules


Toray MBR NHP-module has a 50 percent increase in capacity at the same footprint and lower total air scour requirement compared to rigid plate MBR. Cleaning efficiency is also better because of its flexibility.


Each element is connected with hose nozzle and permeate tube. Condition of permeate water can be checked through transparent tube.