Normalization Program for RO – TorayTrak (Manual)

May 29, 2021


To assist in RO system performance and data normalization, TORAY developed a RO performance data normalization program called TorayTrak. TorayTrak is available for download at the Toray web site ( free of charge.
Toray provides TorayTrak as a Macro-Free Microsoft Excel program with five versions to handle different process system designs and varied operational data collection points. The process schemes available are:
 A.    A one-stage system: TorayTrak_OneStage_PTotal.xlsx
 B.    A split permeate one-stage system: TorayTrak_OneStage_Split.xlsx
 C.    A two-stage system with first and second stage permeate flow rate monitoring:  TorayTrak_TwoStage_PF1_PF2.xlsx
 D.    A two-stage system with first stage and overall permeate flow rate monitoring:  TorayTrak_TwoStage_PTotal_PF1.xlsx
 E.    A two-stage system with second stage and overall permeate flow rate monitoring:  TorayTrak_TwoStage_PTotal_PF2.xlsx

Procedures for normalization are given in ASTM D 4516. 
The following is a general introduction to TorayTrak for a one-stage system as an example.

1) Configuration

1.    Left-click your mouse on the "Configuration" Tab. All required system information is in green fill.
2.    From the drop-down lists, enter Toray membrane model numbers, enter the number of pressure vessels (PV), and the number of elements per pressure vessel.
3.    Next, select the desired engineering units. These units must remain consistent for all data entries in the workbook.

2) Input data
1.    Left-click your mouse on the "Data" tab where you will enter the membrane performance data.
2.    Starting on row 6, enter membrane performance data in columns A through K. All columns titled in the yellow coloured field after the Date entry must contain data out to column K.
3.    Baseline data to establish recommended cleaning lines are generated by averaging the data entered in rows 7–10.

3) Trend graph
"NormPerm," "NormSP," and "NormDP" tabs automatically displays the trend graphs of the normalized membrane performance data by the overall system.

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