Feed Water Limits for Pressurized Toray UF Membrane Module (Manual)

May 28, 2021


・Table   Feed water limits *1) , *2)
Turbidity Intermittent Peak *3) 200 NTU
Continuous Maximum 50 NTU
TSS Intermittent Peak *3) 200 mg/L
Continuous Maximum 50 mg/L
Ozone Not detected
Pretreatment Filter Mesh Size Smaller than 200 micron meter
Temperature Range 0 – 40 degree C (32 – 104 degree F)
pH Range 1 – 10
Maximum Feed Pressure 300 kPa (43.5 PSI)

*1): Please note that the specifications are subject to changes from time to time.
*2): In case of design, please contact us.
*3): The duration time should be less than 48 hours and the occurrence frequency should not exceed more than once a month. 

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This content is extracted from “TORAY Pressurized PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module  Instruction Manual”.
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