UF Membrane Module Installation (Manual)

May 28, 2021


The standard method to install the membrane modules is described below. 
1.    Unpack the membrane module from wooden box or corrugated box.

  • Be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid injury of hands by packing box of the modules.
2.    Remove plugging plate from each nozzle of the module.
3.    Drain out the preservative solution from the module.
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when you drain the preservative chemical.  Note that the preserving chemical is sodium hypochlorite solution.  If this solution splashes onto your skin, wash the affected part with running water. If the solution gets in your eyes or mouth, wash the affected part with enough amounts of running water for over 15 minutes and see the doctor immediately.

4.    Put the module vertically on the pedestal in the module rack.  Fix the module upright with the hanging hook and/or the supporting belt (see Fig. 1 and Fig. 2).
  • Do not drop the module.
  • Use equipment such as chain blocks, a crane or a forklift truck when you handle the module.  The UF Membrane Module is too heavy to handle by hand.
  • Be careful not to install the module upside down.  Confirm the module is installed in the right direction.
  • Do not overtighten the module with the hanging hook and/or the supporting belt, or you may damage the module.
  • Do not allow the hollow fiber membranes to dry even for a few hours, especially in summer.
  • Do not freeze the module.

Fig. 1  Installation of the UF Membrane Module (Model: HFUG-2020AN, HFU-2020AN, HFU-1020AN, HFU-2020HN)

5.    Connect the piping to each connection point of the module with Housing type joints.  The maximum fastening power of the Housing type joints should not exceed 40 Nm.  When you tighten or loosen the Housing type joints, make certain to maintain sufficient space prior to the work and be careful not to be wounded by swinging out or clipping your fingers.

  • Keep the connection surface free of any dirt or oils.
  • Follow the instruction of the Housing Type Joints Set-up Guide when using Housing Type Joints.  A wrong use may cause the damage to the module.

6.    Air inject should be located just beneath the bottom nozzle of the module to inlet air completely to the module. Please refer to the below photos. Also, a check valve is necessary to the air piping to avoid water reverse flow.

7.    Make sure that the module is installed vertically.
  • If the module is not installed vertically, the effect of the air scrubbing would be reduced and an effective filtration will be impaired.

This Instruction Manual does not intend to guarantee the results of application of the information provided herein or the safety and the compatibility of this product.  Before using this product, the user is asked to check for its safety and compatibility with the intended purpose.
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This content is extracted from “TORAY Pressurized PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module Instruction Manual”. Please refer to other contents stated in manuals.