Maintenance Items of Toray Submerged Membrane Module for MBR(Manual)

May 27, 2021


It is recommended that the following maintenance tasks be performed on a regular basis to maintain optimal performance of Toray Submerged Membrane Module for MBR.
(1)     Clean the air diffusers (daily in case of coarse bubble diffuser, and when 
extraordinary uneven diffusion is found in case of fine bubble diffuser).
(2)    Perform a chemical cleaning if the currently recorded TMP increases by 5 kPa (50 mbar) from the initially recorded TMP (assuming the filtrate flow rate is the same value) or every six (6) months, whichever comes first.
(3-1)  In case of TMR140/090 series, replace connection tubes and element fixing gaskets (once in 3 years, or when deteriorated) and elements (when the specified treatment flow rate is not gained even after chemical cleaning or when deteriorated, whichever comes first).
(3-2)    In case of NHP210 series, replace filtrate connection tubes connected to the filtrate manifold when they show some deterioration and replace membrane cassettes or element blocks if, after chemical cleaning, filtrate flow or quality cannot be restored.
Be sure to use Toray approved replacement parts.
Contact Toray sales department to obtain information on how to order Toray approved replacement parts.
When replacing the individual filtrate tubes to the filtrate manifold, make certain the tube is securely attached to the membrane element nozzle.
When replacing filtrate tubes do not apply excessive force to the nozzle or membrane element. Excessive force may result in membrane element/manifold damage,
Once a filtrate tube has been removed or disconnected from either the element nozzle or filtrate manifold it should be replaced with a Toray approved replacement part. Old filtrate tubes lose their elasticity and the integrity of the seal can be compromised.
Please note that element replacement is admissible only after instruction from Toray service staff or their trained affiliate personnel.

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This content is extracted from “Submerged Membrane Module for MBR TORAY “MEMBRAYTM” Instruction Manual”(the Manual).  Please refer to other contents stated in the Manual.
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