Chemical Agents Available for Chemical Cleaning of Toray Submerged Membrane Element for MBR(Manual)

May 27, 2021


When considering chemical cleaning agents, try and select a cleaner that is most appropriate for the suspected foulant. Selecting an inappropriate cleaner can result in further loss in membrane performance or possible membrane damage. Table 1 lists suitable cleaning chemicals and standard cleaning conditions..


Table 1  Cleaning Chemicals and Standard Cleaning Conditions by Contaminan

Contaminant Chemical Solution concentration Amount used Hold time
Organic matter Sodium hypochlorite 2,000-6,000 mg/L
 (Effective chlorine concentration)
0.9 L/element
(NHP210 Series)
5 L/element
(TMR140 Series)
3 L/element
(TMR090 Series)
1 to 3 hours
Inorganic matter
(either of the two chemicals)
Oxalic acid* 0.5-1.0 wt% 1 to 3 hours
Citric acid 1-3 wt% 1 to 3 hours
* Oxalic acid should not be applied when wastewater contains calcium, since calcium oxalate may form on the membrane surface which can choke membrane pores.

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