Disposal of Toray Submerged Membrane Module for MBR(Manual)

May 27, 2021


When disposing of the membrane after use, please follow these general guidelines.

(1)    Clean the membrane module with clean water. After the module has been rinsed off allow the surfaces to dry. Dry surfaces make handling and transport easier.
(2)    Dispose of the module or module components in a locally approved manner taking into account of local regulations for waste disposal. If required, disassemble the module and segregate its components accordingly (e.g. combustible/incombustible).
(3)    Do not incinerate the membrane unless appropriate facilities are available. During the incineration of the membrane materials harmful Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) gas will be generated. If the membranes are to be incinerated it is recommend that a professional waste disposal company be hired for the disposal. 
Do not burn the membranes without appropriate facilities since harmful Hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas will be generated. When disposing of the membrane elements, hire a professional solid waste disposal company to perform the task.

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This content is extracted from “Submerged Membrane Module for MBR TORAY “MEMBRAYTM” Instruction Manual”(the Manual).  Please refer to other contents stated in the Manual.
( https://www.water.toray/knowledge/manual/ )